It’s just who we are.

Giving back is part of our core. We give back to causes and organizations that are dear to our hearts, or have requested our help in times of need. We love to help where we can.

“We believe in leveraging capitalism across our businesses throughout the world and then plugging that back into our local community.”

– Clique Group

Why we give.

We are very fortunate to be in positions to give back and all have causes that are important to us. We believe everyone is in a place to give back until it becomes a little bit uncomfortable.


The Central Okanagan Food Bank reached out during the summer when donations are significantly lower but the people are still very much in need.

Why we’re talking about it.

We like to give back and talk about it because we believe it should be on everybody’s mind.

Capitalism does not inherently solve issues like global warming, world hunger and poverty. These issues only begin to get addressed when we talk openly about them. Then it’s about providing the right people with the funding they need to make a difference.