InflateR Emergency Technologies

Working with several eCommerce companies through our media arm, we decided to produce our own product in the emergency vehicle niche from the ground up. InflateR is a portable and lightweight tire pump that fits conveniently in your car’s glove box or in a backpack.


InflateR, like most of our projects, has been the result of us asking the question, “Can we do it ourselves?”. InflateR was new to us, since this was the first time we were focusing on a single patentable product and design, and working on development from the ground up.


Starting early development conversations about the product in August 2019, a year later we’ve now sold over 15,000 units in the United States under our trademarked brand “InflateR”. To date, we’ve processed nearly 7 figures in revenue, purely online. 

What’s Next

Our next step is improving the product and finalizing the patent for it, alongside expanding into storefronts, and developing new products for the brand.